About Anderson's HVR

About HVR

Hidden Valley Ranch has been pioneering nutrient dense, sustainable agriculture methods since 1989. These methods improve the nutritional quality of foods, while preserving, enriching, and restoring the soil. In addition, these practices limit the impact that agricultural activities have on the environment.

Since 1989, John S. Anderson, a leading edge agronomist in America, has had the vision for maximizing the nutrient density of the plant matter we consume within a sustainable agricultural model.

Founded as Anderson's Hidden Valley Ranch, the organization has evolved into HVR.org as a global outreach organization, all of which are the results of that vision.

Our mission is to:
To grow the people (Educate),
To grow the soil (Revitalize)
To grow the food (The most nutrient dense plant matter possible),
while sustaining our part of the global environment.